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Great photo-ugly ass bike

I've been following this blog on HRD for some time. I used to have mixed feelings about HDR photography, but I think when it's well executed, it's great.
Trey Ratcliff has some amazing shots and good advice to those willing to venture in the wonderful world of HDR photography.
Check out


Tons of great vintage HDs...I wonder where are the barns these are getting rolled out of...

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Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe

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Spotted this De Tomaso Pantera GTS going up US 1...first time seeing one of these live...year anyone??? 73, 74???

one of my favorites spotted in Malibu

gas station near Santa Barbara

G N'R Don't Cry...I do everytime I see this.

Note the hubcap flying off...sniff sniff

Kustom Revolution in SP

SiniStroS Racing @ Porsche Day, Interlagos, SP

Finally with a BIG corporate sponsorship by Joe King, outlaw helmets

It's a girl! Congratulations Ara and Sabrina!

é a cara do pai...tudo bem,o importante é ter saúde!

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SiniStroS by GODSPEED 45/06 at the Cyrilhuze Blog

Cicero deGuzman Jr. is a Design Director at Time Inc., a Time Warner company, one of the largest publishing companies with a portfolio of more than 120 magazines. He is also the owner of Godspeed 45/06 where he photographs and documents motorcycle builders, their work and workspaces. His visual reporting, shot most of the time in black and white (sometimes with a touch of color for impact orto emphasize a design element) is published in “Quarterly Collections” that he calls Documents. Godspeed 45/06, Document NO. 3, is a 160-page beautiful ride in the world of pros and semi-pros builders, greasers, artists, riders etc who, on a daily basis work hard at maintaining and enriching our Kustom Kulture. As you can already see with this double spread screen shot, quality of design, unusual shot angles, layout of pictures and texts are major components in the pleasure you will get in discovering this Volume NO. 3. You can see some Pictures Outtakes, order Prints by jumping there or to Godspeed 45/06to order the Book. For those in the New-York area there is book release party (free wine & beer) on June 25, 2010. Address is: 25 Howard Street, New-York, NY Tel: 212-226-4040.


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random shots

My 31 awaiting black tags (colletible car tags in Brazil are special black tags)
Rodrigo's flattie with rig

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c h o p p e r

great picture from BORN LOSER official photographer, Mr Mark Kawakami...stole it from the BL Blog.

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Chrome Polishing Mythbusters Style!

I'm a big fan of DIY and I'm a big fan of not spending much$$$ to get things done, so I just gotta be a big fan of the instructables website.
Just for an example, check this little gem out next time your struggling with nasty rusty pipes.

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Indian Motoplane

Garage Metallica

A Garage Metallica é distribuidor autorizado de Pneus Metzeler e Pirelli. Vários modelos em estoque, inclusive os pneu dianteiro faixa branca nos tamanhos 16, 19 e 21.

Ligue e confira os preços.

Garage Metallica Motocicletas

11 38152488

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The Beast

it's gotta be the cleanest KZ I have ever seen!
Congrats DK