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Not at the table, Carlos!

O maior Swap Meet que o Brasil ja viu!!!! BREVE!!!

Se prepare para o 2 Wheels Brasil Swap Meet
Motos antigas inteiras, de coleção, nunca anunciadas.
Milhares de peças e acessórios para motos clássicas.
Traga suas peças usadas para vender ou trocar

Get ready for the biggest Swap Meet Brazil has ever seen
Several vintage bikes for sale.
Thousands of vintage parts and accessories.
Bring in your used parts for sale or swap.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Like Explosions!

4 speed exploded view

Pan update

Getting there...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fuckin' classic

I can never get enough of Mr. Cash

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

this gotta be the bravest or the horniest dog on earth!!

Not even Mr. Pig would have the pun intended....

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Get your manuals at ForumHD

Cheers, mates!!
Good work.,3635.0.html

A few weeks ago...

afternoon riding with some friends...

Rodolfo's WL and Edu's Harleyel...separated at birth?
The not so good lookin' brazilian...

What's a good read like you doing in a blog like this?

Too Much time on his hands...

...or just maybe too many episodes of American Chopper????
Either way I just had to follow him for blocks for a photo op!

ramdon shots

the good lookin' brazilian...doing what he does look good...and his helmets are not bad either...
it's everywhere...

60 Pan coming together

The hardest build so far.
I guess I'm getting old, there's no other explanation for my sudden urge to restore and not customize, build and adapt.
But those stock looking Pans are getting to be a rare sight in Sao Paulo...
But come to think of it, I'm not a geezer yet, for the Pan
is not 100% stock as I'm building it on a hardtail frame.
Other that that, it will be built as close as possible to OEM specs.
Linkert carb and all...
Keep checkin in for more news.

Ara's fuzilli exhaust

Twist and shout!