Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 31 Ford gets a side mounted spare/ Meu Ford 31 ganha um estepe na lateral

I've always liked the classy look of 30's cars with the spare mounted on the front side fender.
Doing this to my 31  solved two problems, getting more room in the bed to carry shit and looking classy, all at the same time. It don't get any better than this. And it only took 16 hours to accomplish... When edited, the pictures will make it look easy, just like those TV shows: rust bucket to show winner in under 45 minutes. 

The proverbial "It's too late to chicken out now cut"...
Welding the spare pan in place.

Narrowed  15' Ford Ranger wheel with beetle rim.The finished product:

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Daniel K said...

Crazy-Ass EDdie...Ride the fucker!!!!