Friday, July 17, 2009

Tech tip

The little buggers where pitiful at best, believe it or not the clutch actually worked  somehow.
these is what the cork in my old discs looked like after so many years of faithful service...

Last weekend I decide to rebuild the clutch discs on my 51 Ariel 350 single.
Replacement discs are very hard to find and cost good money.
The original ones are made of cork, so why not use the wine corks I've been saving for so long?
The cost of this endeavor? ZERO!!!
Now that's more like it.
Cut the cork in little pieces all the same size, if possible and all a little larger (I'd say 30% larger than the hole on the discs.
Boil them up for about 5 minutes, make a nice cork tea out of them (also known to be good if you can't stay out of the shitter)
The cork becomes nice and soft and don't hold any heat, so you can convince them quite easily into the discs.
Then all you have to do is grind them down to size , oil them up and voila! brand new discs for $ZERO!!


I_am_10_ninjas said...

You sir are my new daily hero. Nice work!

rapha said...