Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What we need in São Paulo these days

This morning in Sao Paulo

Meanwhile in Tokyo:
Two giant motorbikes with dual functions of patrol and traction appear on the overhead road in Shanghai on the morning of 13 June 2006, which is the beginning of using motorbikes to tow vehicles anchored in guarantying the road smooth domestically.The best characteristic of an amphibious motorbike lies in its super strong horsepower and huge function, especially the towing bracket on the rear of the motorbike, which can easily drag a small-sized car anchored with 2.5 tons maximum weight. The dragging motorbike's original type is Honda GL1800cc motorcycle. The traction function of the motorbike is contributed by the technology if a Swedish company. The motorbike has six gears, front gears and one reverse gear.The gross weight of the motorbike is 600 kilograms, its body height is 2.7 meters and width is 0.95 meters. Its maximumweight in towing is 2.5 tons, and it has a safe running speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

Other options would be:

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G.Targino said...

to pensando em fazer o segundo de baixo pra cima