Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Own a Piece of History

I came across this historic bike...it's for sale in London for aprox. 45.000 EUR.

Exceptional Aermacchi Harley-Davidson 250 Racing. This is the mythical bike that became Vice World Champion in 1972 with Renzo Pasolini.
Two specimens were built at the end of 1971 for Renzo Pasolini, and this factory bike participated in the 3 first races of the World Championship in 1972, with 2 victories and 1 second place. It was then replaced for the end of the season by a different bike with large cylinderheads.
Conserved during several decades by a collector, this bike is now available in France.

* GP France Clermont Ferrand: 2nd with the present bike.
* GP Italie Imola: 1st with the present bike.
* GP Yougoslavie Opatija: 1st with the present bike.
* GP Hollande Assen: 2nd
* GP Allemagne Sachsenring: 2nd
* GP Tchécoslovaquie Brno: 2nd
* GP Suède Anderstorp: 3rd
* GP Espagne Barcelone: 1st

1972 Vice Champion du Monde 250
1st: Saarinen
2nd: Pasolini

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