Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For those tired of their stock looking Sportsters...

Fresh from the DICE blog pages...


Paulo - Joe King said...


Ara said...


Anonymous said...

the right bike matches it perfectly, fits the size, its hot, lucky and it came with the right tools.

ill look 4 my jackie chan cuz he doesnt need any stunt for scenes of action
and cuz of it he cant be at 2 movies at the same time.

bye eddie ur so fuckin' funny that i cant even stand it, im very very imature and pretty nerd and this kinda stuff makes me laugh in the middle of the street with the best pinch of embarrassment ever.
its a pity that i wont read u anymore.
its was so good kinda entertainment
ill get the ball and go to another field to play
cuz here people take jokes to seriously instead of enjoy and laugh