Friday, July 1, 2011

BBQ @ DICE! Great evening at Matt's and Justina's

What a garage!

The iconic Joe King helmet that Mat made famous...sorry no copies of this one.

Fashion statement?
Would you trust your baby to this man? hahahah
Matt, the man who knows it all, getting ready to chop my fender...
Wasn't that trophy on someone's Triumph?
So, I got this springer front fender at the swap meet for $35, boxed it and took it down to the post office to get it shipped to Brazil.
Because of the large size, they wanted to charge me US$ 380,00!!!
So we're trying to make it smaller by removing the stays from the rivets.
It worked great.
On my way to the local Long Beach USPS now.
Thanks Matt and Justine for a great evening.


Paulo - Joe King said...

Bubba! I'm so jealous!

Hadys said...

Embaixo de uma panhead sempre tem uma pan. KKKK