Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old Friends, New Friends

Keino and our buddies from Holy Ghost...Lucas & Leo
Bob, André, (sorry, dude, I forgot your name) and Chrys (from Garage Metallica)
Mat, Justina and Paulo
Jeff Decker, Jason Jessee and Paulo
Great couple from The Horse Magazine
Darren, from Oakland


Ailton© said...

nice pics man ;")
cheers from Holland!!!

Edu Mendes said...

Thanks, mate!
Hope to see you in Brazil, in October.

Paulo - Joe King said...

Darren rules!

Ailton© said...

I'm coming to the event guys, for real. from Holland with ♥ :")
Just to mention, i'm a cook, maybe i can help you guys in the kitchen in the weekend??? I'm coming for 3weeks so we got enough time to meet & stuff!!!
Let me know if you need help, i would love to help.
My email is

Ride free - One ♥
Cheers... Ailton©